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Muchos Rejoicing...os!

ALso, someone took a nice photo of me and Gaz! THanks Rhi-2! Your camera skills are ace :D

Heh heh heh. Now to all those fuckers (okay like three people) who said I wasn't an hourglass (about a hundred years ago) time for you to eat your words (if you even remember saying it, or me for that matter)...



I don't even want to begin to contemplate how my tiny ass can contribute to my hip measurement being as big as my ridiculous boobs. I must have some gert fat thighs in there, but I care not, because that my friends is the perfect body ratio. The Venus DiMilo says so. And you don't fuck with her. Shes hard core and like a bajillion years old.

So, what do I entertain myself with now? I'll have to find something else to do. Geuss I'll just have to give contortion my all now.

If you didn't know already, I like fucking with my body. Like trying to change how things taste, or ignoring pain, sleeping as little as possible, jumping into cold water and conning myself that it's warm, seeing how much weight I can lift, bending limbs as far as they will go ect. I like stretching boundaries, in a biological sense.

SO, happy happy. Also I'm going home soon! Either tuesday or thursday night. And maybe going for lunch with my dad on wednesday. Joy joy joy!

I'm coming to get you bellenddssssssss!

Oh so very boreeeeeeeed.

Well now. Its been a while. Mostly because I am, unfortunately, in Bristol and my Mum's PC runs at half a mile an hour.

Not much to report really, but I will ramble anyhow. I have a lovely little feathered friend now, named Jareth, but that is all I shall say about him until I get some decent photos! I've been in Bristol for the easter holidays, originally I came back to do some work but that seems to have gone to hell already so we shall see about that. I have seen my friends a little. Well, attempted to anyway, sadly I had to go home early and pass out because of mystery illness which caused my blood pressure to go from 98/60 to 114/42 in the same day. How am I alive? I have no idea.

Bristol is once again nice and all, but I feel like I have crawled through time and become a pissy 14 year old. Its one of those places where you have to glaze over and run on automatic because if you don't you will surely start screaming "GOOD GOD I LIVE IN A CITY ALL BY MYSELF I AM A GROWN UP PLEASE STOP FUSSING OVER WHAT TYPE OF CUTLERY I AM HOLDING AND WHETHER MY COAT IS ON" and then have some kind of breakdown. The only downside to this method is that occasionally you forget that people are real. For instance the other day when it suddenly hit me that I do live in Hereford and the Bellends were not all a dream I had.

I think I'm losing it.

Being away form the Scouser is killiiiiiiing me as well. Theres no one to run around and jump about with, or watch anime in bed with or laugh at me. Anyway. I need to man up.... *breaks into hysterical flailing screams*

On the plus side BRA SHOPPING :D

Whoop whoop whoop!

The Crankshaft

Is what my sister and I affectionately call our Dad. Its fitting.

He is visiting tomorrow, and despite the IMPENDING DEADLINE OF DOOM for my weaving project, I have instead been cleaning the GBHQ in anticipation. I know how much he likes a nice clean house, so I have taken it upon myself to throw away things which have been under the sofa for as long as Alex can remember, so thats about three years. I am so pleased with myself, but have of course left loads to do for tomorrow so I am not twiddling my thumbs whilst my dear father inevitably spends a couple of hours pratting about with expected arrival times.

I have also spent the entire day making chicken and tofu satay, its yummy. I also went out for cake with Rhiannon and we met a lonely dog. I bought a bag of teeny tiny peppers, too. And smeared blood all over the nice clean kitchen from the defrosting meat which Alex unceremoniously threw at my legs earlier today. Yeah. That hurt. It was a sort of:

"Hey Hollie, do you want some more meat for the barbeque?"
"Why yes, thanks Alex, thats really nice of yo-ARRRGGGHHH!"
"Oh. I'm sorry. Did that hit you?"

affair, in which surrogate Dad Alex knew full well that he had lobbed two kilos of frozen pork/beef at me, really hard, on purpose. Luckily though this time he didn't shut me outside the front door in my TOWEL a la this morning. I was in bed at half seven and my kitchen senses started tingling, I knew there was mess down there, so I strode down in my towel and lo and behold, there was Alex's bowl, and he was leaving for college with Gaz. Naturally I referred him to the sign I made which says if you make a mess "I will cut off your toes, push them into your eye sockets, sew them shut and then light you on fire", so he cleaned it up and then ran down the hall and pushed me out of the door. Then he shut it and laughed from the other side.

Ah well. SO in short, Dads visiting, I made tofu, I have small peppers, my street saw me in bath attire and my college project is going to be a C at best.

Pretty good week really.

I did not know that

Whilst playing KH1,

Gaz: Oh my god, who the fuck did the interior decorating on that whale?


Hurr hurr hurr, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is soming out in Japan soon... OH MY GOOD GOD. More Axel goodness. I might die of slashsaturation.

Mar. 20th, 2009

My housemate Lucy is moving out.

I'm ridiculously sad.

It's entirely selfish sadness though, because she's bound to have a whale of a time next year.

Selfish sadness is the best kind, I think, because its so easy to end, I just have to stop mopeing. When you're sad for someone else thats a whole different story.

I'll miss her lots.

Yarn Bombing!

I just realised I didn't upload my Yarn Bombing photos. It was so funny, picture this: Half eleven at night down a little alleyway with shops in that leads to Hereford cathedral, a girl in a giant coat is sewing a 6 foot piece of knitting onto a drainpipe whilst a leather jacketed scouser with a ponytail and devil beard looks threatening to keep the drunks at bay, a policeman tries to break up a fight 10 metres away and a restaraunt full of people fail to notice it, even though its right outside the window. Followed by a chinese takeaway, booya.

So here it is, the Capuchin Lane drainpipe :D


This is not quite what I meant by "has anyone done a comic in tapestry before?"

Orwell would be so proud!



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