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Summer Updates

I'm gonna be spending today in my kitchen, hanging out with Regina, Dianne and Laura (Spektor, Cluck and Viers, that is), drinking earl grey and making naked ladies out of plaster.

Things are looking up.

Slashfics At Dawn!

Today I am proud to announce that bulldogscram  and I are having a Fandom Standoff!

She has made this awesome banner, o'course, because I was too lazy and she is awesomest at things like that.

The Rules
  • We both submit things form the unholy pit of the interwubs from our selected fandom, one item for each title!
  • We judge each round for whose fandom is best (be it most horrific, most horribly written, most crackific etc.)
  • WIns are counted at the end to discover who kicks the most balls (or has the most freaks).



1. Mary Sue
2. Non-Con
3. H/C
4. AU
5. Worst Crossover
6. Twilight Crossover
7. Crack Pairing
8. Horrendous Lemon
9. One bad fic
10. Fangirl's Choice
11. One genuine rec
12. MPreg


1. Lemon
2. Fluff
3. Crack



Ahh, the Summer!

Not the best start ever, due to too much rum and the scouser being horrendously overworked and sad, and I'm just feeling a bit AAARGHOHMYFUCKINGGODPULLYOURSELFTOGETHERNADHOLDITINUNTILYOUARESANEAGAINANDTHENYOUCANRELAXFUCKFUCKFUCK
on my part. But you can't have averything, now, can you?

What I do have, however is an adorably cute little bundle of feathers, who I did NOT feed to a ferret last weekend, who I get to spend the summer with.

Love you Jareth <3

So there we go. Back to summer holiday mode I suppose. *twiddles thumbs*


Yeah biznitches! My work got selected!

My chairs gonna live at Berrington Hall from now on.


Would it be ridiculous to say that this post has made me feel like a professional?


Oh ThinkGeek, I love you.

Yes, yes, yes and yes again. I didn't think I could love this website any more, and then BAM! Hit he right in my fangirl face.

Finally, some direction!

Well, after freaking out (at the back of my mind) about what I'm going to do for the rest of my life, I finally came to a conclusion.

My artwork ahs been going badly, to say the least. I have now realised that this is because I am concentrating on things which I would rather forget as inspiration. Anything which comes form that place of immense struggle is goingt o BE an immense struggle. It's all relative, you see. So, no more of that!

I was lying on the sofa daydreaming and it literally popped into my head, art dolls. I don't see how I didn't think of this before, seriously. When I was little I made toys all the time, I'd cut out illustrations form magazines and play with them, I'd create felt charachters all the time, to the point where there was no room for more. Even now I have this huge LOVE for character design, in cartoons, in games, paintings, comics. I draw comics because I want to give these characters life, I still play with and buy toys at 19 for god's sake. Even my photography work, its creating characters and bringing them to life. So clearly, I should be making these things in my craft work too! I love nothing more than drawing strange creatures and weird people, I spend hours on the sims just making faces and bodies and personalities (the rest pretty much bores me).

So I figure I'll now have to look for a reason I mean, whats am I going to base these dolls on? I can't just pull them out of my head and go "well she looks like this because thats how I made her" because that won't cut it in college, and also I kind of want a bit more substance than that. I think I might look at imagery used in victorian paintings, those funny little status symbols which hang around, also things form nature or myths or fairytales. Things based on people, too. I'd love to make dolls of a few people I know.

I have literally been flooded with ideas, every free second I am thinking "oooh, a drowning one" or "ANTLERS! ANTLERS!". Shame, really, that I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to fight tooth and nail to get the college lot on board for this.  But still, I'm buzzing, literally, it feels weird.

Torture Box

After I make myself one of these, the following items will be going into it:

- Stupid white doorstop thing (bracket for wall with screw in it)
- Phone cable
- Gaz's earplugs
- My USB cable
- My debit card.


Heh heh

The sex shop in one of my regularly persued online comics, Questionable Content, is called "Oh Wow!".

Bellends will be rightfully amused.


I have a secret :D

I will tell one thing though... its crafty!

This is truly my bird.

Well, clearly I picked the right feathered friend.

He picks his nose with his feet, he has a twitch, he likes crappy country folk, he only likes men in a slashy/gay way, he is VERY tempremental and sulky but can be easily won around with "WHAT A PRETTY BIRDIE!" and treats, and he has spent the last twenty minutes whistling and dancing along to Twee Pop with me... this has its drawbacks though as I couldn't actually hear the music over his whistling and when I had had enough of the music (it's easily done) and turned it off he went CRAZY and "PRETTY BIRDIE!" did not work... so... err, its still on. Sorry housemates.

Oh god. Now he only wants one song on. Its a spanish song about a panda. If you are so inclined.


Muhahahaha! So are Andy, Rhi and Lucy. Alex was back yesterday. He came in, came upstairs, looked at me painting a gold iron bedhead shillohette onto my bedroom wall, gave me that "oh for the love of god" look and went downstairs. About five minutes later I heard a squawk and ALex shouted "HOLLIE... DO YOU WANT TO INTRODUCE ME TO SOMEONE?!". So that first meeting went well, but within two minutes he was calling himself "Grandpa Alex" and managed to get Jareth to say "hello" so I was mightily ipressed.

Photos tomorrow when my computer works again! Oh yeeees!



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